About us

ITALIAN FASHION STAIRS was founded in 2014, and the owners have got a thirty years long experience in manufacturing and fitting of staircases for the interiors and the exteriors.

This new company's project, born in an economically complicated period, is based on the will to join together the best craft capacities coming from different experiences, and give them the chance to express themselves.

The italian craft man has got capacity to invent, and to work with every kind of material. Who is Italian knows about it, and if you are a retailer fill the form and contact us to work with us, and we will come back to you, and if you are a private person, a project studio, or an interior designer, and want to deal with us, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to serve you and satisfy your enquiry. If this will not be possible because of the distance between our company and you, we will pass your name and address to the nearest selling point and we will give you our assistance in any case.

If you are not italian we would like to introduce you the MADE IN ITALY, which is a real way of life and a work philosophy, a predisposition to listen to the customer and work in the best way to satisfy the customer and create in the same time unique manufacturings.

The italian craftmanship is divided in a lot of micro family owned companies, where the human relationship is very important even between the manufacturer and the customer; every craft man is able to propose the catalogue items, but there will be no problem if you ask something different out of the catalogue. Everyday he will be ready to explore new "territories". This is the craft man, and this is his way to work and live.

All our items are exclusively MADE IN ITALY, and specific MADE IN EMILIA ROMAGNA, region of big excellences in several fields: craftmanship, industry, building, ceramic tiles, staircases, doors + windows, tourism, fashion, motors, food and wine. The most part of these excellences are grown in the last ten years thanks to the courage, capacity of listening to the customer, and capacity to work of those people who contributed to radicalize the MADE IN ITALY products all over the wold. We would like to contribute too and let know the MADE IN ITALY everywhere.

If you are a retailer out of the italian borders, contact us filling the form, and our sales departement will contact you. If you are a project studio or a private person, please fill the form and ask for a price offer, even regarding items or solutions not present in our range, and we will try to propose the best item we could produce.

To serve you we need the following specifications:

  1. Drawings with the measurements of the stairwell
  2. pictures or sketches representing your desire,
  3. a little bit patience to wait for our solution projected on your requirements.

Thank you very much in advance for the enquiries you will send to us. ITALIAN FASHION STAIRS.