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What should I do in order to ask for a price offer?

To ask for a price offer to Italian Fashion Stairs you should provide a sample sketch showing the following datas:

  1. Shape and dimensions of the ceiling hole;
  2. Height measured from the ground floor up to the upper floor;
  3. Thickness of the ceiling;
  4. Walls position compared to the ceiling hole;
  5. Electrical or hidraulic plants inside the stair well, such as heating plants under the floor.

You usually have this sketch as It is the one created by the professional who projected your house or the restoration plan.

You should also signale if the stairs have to be delivered in a limited congestion's area.

With all these informations we will be able to give you a detailed price offer.

We remind you the price offer is completely free, and that visits by our personnel are not provided, at least in the first phase of the transaction.

We thank you in advance for eventual enquiries you will submit to us.