What should I do in order to ask for a price offer?

  1. Shape and dimensions of the ceiling hole;
  2. Height measured from the ground floor up to the upper floor;
  3. Thickness of the ceiling;
  4. Walls position compared to the ceiling hole;
  5. Electrical or hidraulic plants inside the stair well, such as heating plants under the floor.

You usually have this sketch as It is the one created by the professional who projected your house or the restoration plan
You should also signale if the stairs have to be delivered in a limited congestion's area.
With all these informations we will be able to give you a detailed price offer.
We remind you the price offer is completely free, and that visits by our personnel are not provided, at least in the first phase of the transaction.
We thank you in advance for eventual enquiries you will submit to us.

When can I take the measurements of the ceiling hole?
The measurements of the ceiling hole can be taken when the floors and the walls at ground floor and first floor are completely finished.

When a stair can be fitted?
A stair like a covering or a balustrade has to be fitted in the moment that the works inside the house are finished (the stairs have to be considered as a piece of forniture). If on fit it before the electricists, the painters, and so on, have terminated their works, on could damage the stair.

In how much time a stair could be delivered?
The delivering time changes compared to the item required and considering the period where the order is confirmed. You can find our average delivery times for every model under the sections SPIRAL STAIRCASES or STAIRCASES among the other technical datas.

Stairs with the wooden treads could be quickly damaged?
Yes, like a wooden floor.

The cleaning of a stair.
Both the steel parts and the wooden parts could be cleaned like any other wooden floor (parquet). To sum up It will be sufficient to employ a humid rag avoiding alcohol, oils or similars, which can damage or make dangerous the surfaces (making the treads sliping).

I have to choose between a stair in concrete and a manufactured one for my house. Why should I choose a manufactured stair?
With a manufactured stair you can make your house more special than in the other case, because the stairs we propose are like furniture, while the dress of a concrete stair is more limited. Moreover, when you choose a stair in concrete you have to make: 1) the realisation of the ground in concrete; 2) the realisation of the covering (tiles, parquet, marble, and so on); 3) the realisation of the balustrade. In this way you have to choose among three actions, and you have to subsequently contact three suppliers, and the total price of these ones is quite the same of the one for an average manufactured stair. Moreover, if in a few years you decide to change the room. It will be easier to dismantle a manufactured stair than a stair in concrete.

You do not have any ceiling hole, but you want to install a spiral stair or a stair of our production?
If you find yourself in this situation we suggest you to contact us (click here), to study the best solution to open a hole in the floor, considering the stair you want to install, and in this way you will have the chance to: 1) have the most confortable stair; 2) have the cheapest stair; 3) have the most ergonomic stair. Otherwise you could finish the hole in a way that is not suitable to introduce a stair, and to find a solution would be difficult and very expansive too, even not easy to install a comfortable stair for the every day use.

You have got a ceiling hole and/or a small stairwell, and you do not know which kind of stair you can put in it?
The SPIRAL STAIRS have always been products suitable for small ceiling holes. But the progressive research has produced STAIRS FOR SMALL CEILING HOLES AND LIMITED SPACES that can replace the previous ones by saveguarding more comfort and a better design. Have a look to the section STAIRS FOR SMALL STAIRWELLS OR GALLERIES and you will probably find what you are looking for.